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Panama Vapor Premium e-Liquid

Panama Vapor offers some of the highest quality e-Liquids. And that is not just something we say. Our customer's prove it everyday by choosing our e-Liquid as their choice for a great vape. All Panama Vapor Premium e-Liquids are prepared in our sanitary stainless steel food-grade facility. Made from USP Kosher FDA Approved ingredients, from the USA! This means that all of the ingredients included in our e-Liquid have been approved by the FDA for food, medicinal, or other uses. All ingredients besides nicotine are widely used in foods, beverages, condiments, medicines, inhalers, and many other applications. Our mixologists have been preparing, testing, and creating e-Liquids for over 3 years. Because electronic cigarettes are fairly new to the market and they are not currently regulated. It is up to the individual business to self regulate to ensure that they are offering high-quality, sterile, safe e-Liquids. Panama Vapor is proud to say that we do our part in making sure that we offer you all of these things in our premium e-Liquids.

e-Liquid Ingredients:

  • Vegetable Glycerin (Click here to view the 
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Nicotine
  • Food Flavoring

All of these ingredients are labeled as SAFE for use by the FDA. 


Propyle Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are the two main ingredients in our e-Liquids. PG is a thinner liquid than VG. As such the ratio of PG in the liquids is 80% and VG is 20%. This provides for the best vape and the most prolonged life of your electronic cigarette. Because of VG's thick consistency it can wear a delivery device out faster when its ratio is more than 30%, Panama Vapor and the majority of the e-Cigarette industry believe that 20% VG is the best ratio to provide a great hit. VG is also a soothing agent, so higher ratios can make your throat hit's strength diminish.


Many people believe that nicotine is a harmful substance. This is hardly the case, many studies have been conducted to prove otherwise. Nicotine is considered a stimulant just as caffeine is. It can increase your hear rate, which is why Nicotine is not recommended for people with chronic heart conditions, however the same applies to large amounts of caffeine. Nicotine level is determined by the amount of cigarettes that you smoke each day. The higher your cigarette consumption the higher the nicotine strength.

  • 0 MG - The goal is to reach this level! BE NICOTINE FREE!
  • 6 MG  - 1 to 6 cigarettes a day
  • 12 MG - 7 to 16 cigarettes a day
  • 18 MG - 17 to 25 cigarettes a day
  • 24 MG - 26 to 40 cigarettes a day
  • 30 MG** - 41 to 60 Cigarettes a day
  • 36 MG** - 60 cigarettes a day 

**If you smoke more than two packs of cigarettes a day and you are new to electronic cigarettes, we reccomend that you start with the 24MG and feel for the throat hit. If you are not satisfyed, then request an increase in nicotine strength.

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